Driving revenue through uncommon marketing strategy

Setting aggressive revenue goals is typical for most B2B companies, but having a clear path to achieve them is the real challenge. Aligning the right marketing activities is critical to get a return. Our clients get results because they focus on one thing – what their customers need.

Marketing your business doesn’t have to be stressful, but you do need a strategy

“If you speak to the heart of your ideal client’s pain points, challenges and struggles, you can create engagement in a powerful way.”

— Susan Gold, Founder, Susan Gold Coaching

Susan Gold Coaching clients are
often looking to…

Attract a higher caliber client in order to charge full value for their services

Stand out from their competition, often in a highly commoditized industry

Gain clarity on marketing “channels” that will connect with their targeted prospects

Realize an ROI for their time, energy and money spent on marketing activities

Create consistency with visibility, awareness and quality lead generation

Leverage networking more effectively to fill the pipeline with highly-desirable prospects.

Begin with the end in mind

To get results, we start backwards by defining the end goal and how we’ll measure success. We look at different approaches, often uncommon paths to reach those goals. Then we build focused, thoughtful strategies founded in data that result in powerful, authentic marketing. Practical and effective.

Susan Gold

Susan Gold, our founding partner, is a sought-after leader and strategist whose background includes over four decades of successfully creating clear marketing strategies to grow each client’s bottom line. Leveraging our Ideal Client Methodology™, our data-driven process is the secret sauce that results in practical, effective marketing action plans.

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Services Offered

For Owners:
Unleash Your Ideal Clients

Private, one-on-one marketing strategy coaching in six 1-hour sessions. Collaborating on the fundamentals and leveraging our Ideal Client Methodology™, you’ll have a clear understanding of your marketing strategy and the practical action plan that will align with your goals.

For Teams:
Unleash Your Ideal Clients

Private group marketing strategy coaching for your leadership, business development or marketing teams enables participation, and therefore ownership, of your company’s marketing goals and objectives, and the path to achieve them.


Full custom consulting services are available to address challenges and leverage opportunities for companies with more strategic questions to resolve. The Ideal Client Methodology™ fundamentals are developed and built upon, creating a broader and deeper customized strategic plan.



4 Must-Do Actions to Attract Your Ideal Clients

To fill the sales pipeline with new prospects that are profitable and a great fit for your company, you need to start somewhere.

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4 Must-do Actions to Attract Your Ideal Clients

Where experience, wisdom and collaboration lead to powerful, practical strategies.

You deserve a marketing strategy that works. Start attracting your ideal clients with a custom roadmap created specificially for your business.