Susan Gold

Susan Gold, our founding partner, is a sought-after leader and strategist whose background includes over four decades of successfully creating clear marketing strategies to grow each client’s bottom line. Leveraging our Ideal Client Methodology™, our data-driven process is the secret sauce that results in practical, effective marketing action plans.

Every strategy is developed individually depending on the desired ideal client targets, their issues and the impact a company has on those pain points.

Focusing on what the buyer needs to know to make the best decision possible, and being heard by leveraging the right mix of marketing channels are the keys to engagement. We find that simpler is better, which can be more challenging with all the choices companies have to market their companies.


With decades of experience, Susan Gold has been in the trenches as a corporate strategist successfully serving numerous vertical markets for companies of all sizes, from Fortune 100 to firms with less than 20 employees. As a senior marketing professional, Susan has honed her expertise in a myriad of industries.

Financial Services



Manufacturing & Industrial

Professional Services

Crusader, 2016

by Kathleen VanHyfte

Acrylic on canvas

40″ X 30″

For sale, inquire here.

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