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The “I Need a New Website” Red Herring

I hear this often from clients and prospects. What they’re really saying is, “I need to do something about my marketing, so I guess I should update my website.”   …


Is Your Networking a Waste of Time or a Prospect Feeder?

Every Thursday morning at 7:30am you show up either virtually or in person, a big smile on your face, your giant Yeti thermos full of coffee in one hand and …


Are You Leveraging “Success Paths” to Attract Ideal Clients?

As business owners, we’re always thinking about where our next clients are going to come from. If we’re smart (which, of course, we are), we’re thinking about not just our …


Susan Gold Coaching with networks connecting to each other

Why is The Why So Difficult? The Key to Positioning Effectively

When was the last time you were looking for someone to help you with a problem? Maybe you needed a bookkeeper or an attorney. Or you were thinking your website …