Susan Gold Coaching offers a wide range of strategy coaching and consulting, depending on the client’s needs. We can determine the best approach during a free consultation discussion focused on the issues that need to be resolved and opportunities to be leveraged.

For owners

Private, one-on-one marketing strategy coaching program includes six, 1-hour sessions. Using our Ideal Client Methodology™, we uncover the most desirable, ideal client targets that are profitable and generate high levels of revenue. Attracting clients that are a great fit often means they are respectful of you and your employees, value your services and don’t hesitate to pay for that value.

We develop authentic and engaging messaging as a communications platform and then we create your marketing roadmap to execute your strategy. This custom marketing execution roadmap outlines specific activities to achieve your goals.

Business owners often define their ideal clients as profitable, respectful, loyal, willing to provide references and true partners.

— Susan Gold, Founder, Susan Gold Coaching

For teams

Creating the marketing strategy together gives your team a role in the development and ownership in the strategy. For businesses with multiple stakeholders, we offer a private group version of our Ideal Client Methodology™.

Through our 6 step process we bring together the team’s collective perspectives, gain alignment around their most desirable clients, what differentiates them from their competitors and the best way to reach the market and grow the business.

Clarity and focus creates efficiency and is highly effective – everyone is a key player in marketing your company.

Consulting services

If your business has big questions, challenges to address and opportunities to maximize, we can create a strategic path forward. Our strategic marketing engagements work to uncover the most desirable clients, create a clear profile for targeting and develop a clear roadmap and messaging for growth. In addition to our Ideal Client Methodology™ process we provide SWOT and competitive analysis, pricing, offer and partnering strategies, success metrics and enable sales and marketing alignment.

Industries Served

Accounting, Bookkeeping,
CPA Firms

Consulting & Coaching Firms

Law Firms

Manufacturing & Industrial

Software Development & Technology


Client Success

Now I’m attracting my Dream Clients and getting paid for my value.

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I never imagined this level of revenue growth and clarity regarding my marketing strategy. The numbers tell the story.

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4 Must-do Actions to Attract Your Ideal Clients