Marketing Strategy Coaching for Business Owners

Private, one-on-one marketing strategy coaching program includes six, 1-hour sessions.

Using our data-driven Ideal Client Methodology™, we uncover the most desirable, Ideal Client Targets that are profitable and generate high levels of revenue.

Attracting clients that are a great fit often means they are respectful of you and your employees, value your services and don’t hesitate to pay for that value. Conversely, we identify the bad-fit clients, the ones that generate low revenue and/or are unprofitable for the business.

Understanding the total impact the bad-fit clients have on the business creates the needed sense of urgency for change.

We develop authentic and engaging messaging as a communications platform and then we create your Marketing Roadmap to execute your strategy. This custom Marketing Execution Plan outlines specific activities to achieve your goals.

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Revenue matters. Working with prospects that have a clear need, are able and willing to pay for your company’s solution become the norm. And, in many cases, the result is a higher per transaction value, increased number of clients and higher share of their budget.

Increased Clarity

No more circular conversations about whether you should use social media or invest more in paid advertising. Knowing what to do, and what not to invest time, money or energy in, are pathways to success.

Effective Messaging

Having a clear understanding of your “elevator pitch” in all situations such as networking, proposals, marketing promotion, the website, etc. drives success through the power of consistency and a decision-maker focus.

Being “Change-Ready”

If you are prepared for change, there’s little to fear. Having a foundational plan is easier to adjust than trying to adjust reactively, while things are shifting.

“The Right Engagement”

Getting traction with the ideal prospects that are a good fit changes not only your numbers but how you feel about your company and how you interact. It’s easier to sell when you/your team are clear, excited and confident.