Networking Strategy for Executives

Dreading and avoiding networking because it’s painful and time consuming is a common complaint from busy executives.

Being frustrated because clear results from all the effort are a mystery – how do you quantify? Should be easy, right? How many clients have come from our networking? Are they the right type of clients? There’s a better way, but what is it?

When you have a clear strategy and a set of tools for networking to implement, you’ll stop wasting time, money and energy – and get the prospects you are looking for. 

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This 5 one-hour Networking Strategy for Executives program covers these Key Steps:


Identifying the Ideal Targets for prospects and strategic partners that can get us in front of our prospects. 


We’ll craft your positioning that differentiates your business, keeping it simple and consistent for greater impact. 


Analyze your current networking efforts and develop the “right rooms” for you to access the right network.

“ASK” Strategy

Create a clear, strategic “ASK” from your networking partners to get the specific introductions you need. 

Track Data

Learn how to track the right data and organize follow up activities.

Strategic Questions

Utilize strategic questions to determine what’s working and where refinements need to occur.

Measure ROI

Understand how to measure your networking ROI.