Ongoing Strategy Support

It’s great to have a plan but if it doesn’t get implemented, or goes off the rails, then you have nothing but a mess to clean up.

Avoiding marketing mistakes starts with having an accountability partner that acts like a conductor to keep the train on track and on time.

Marketing is part art, science, data and lots of opinions. When a plan is handed over to a professional to create the design, craft the words and produce a high-quality result, it doesn’t have to be a guessing game. Is the work on strategy? Does it demonstrate, in a tangible way, the right message to the right audience in the right way?

Susan Gold Coaching offers ongoing strategy support for her clients that have completed their Marketing Strategy Coaching work and have a Roadmap and a Plan that needs to be implemented. Using the company’s existing inhouse or external resources, or professionals introduced by Susan Gold Coaching, regular “check ins” and work sessions are available for clients as often as they desire.

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Trusted Resource

Working together to build the strategy and execution direction creates a trusted, safe environment for ongoing discussions.

Execution Expertise

Over four decades of hands-on marketing implementation provides the skills, knowledge and intuition that contributes to the best work for the client.


Keeping the big picture in mind while the smaller pieces are created is a special skill. While the team is focused on the details, it’s important to align with the overall objectives.