Hello ProVisors Members! Welcome to my website page dedicated to all things ProVisors. You’ll find the latest Unofficial List of Unofficial Affinity Groups below as well as a few tips and tools to support your networking efforts. If you are interested in learning more about creating a networking strategy or having me present to your Group, you can reach me at or fill in the contact form below. Happy Networking!

The Unofficial List of Unofficial Affinity Groups (unofficially*)

Feel free to download this list, share and send me additional unofficial affinity groups with the name of group leader. This list is available to ProVisors members. Feel free to share this URL as you visit Home Groups and Affinity Groups. The list will be updated regularly so check back again – you may want to bookmark it to make it easy to find for future updates.

What is this? There are numerous unofficial affinity groups run by Group Leaders that are not listed in the ProVisors HUB. I wanted to create a list for myself (I’m a marketer – can’t help it.) and thought I’d share it with everyone.

*This effort is not a ProVisors corporate list. If you have any questions, please contact Susan Gold.

Are you getting what you need from ProVisors?

What’s your networking strategy?

Here are the common issues that I’ve experienced in networking and building referral partners.

  • Not being in the “right room”
  • Not making a clear ASK
  • Not taking advantage of Needs/Deals/Wants
  • Not tracking introductions, testimonials that need to be done

One of the tools I use for my networking is a document that I share after 121s and troikas to reinforce who I am, what I do in simple language, who I target for clients and the introductions I’m looking for in strategic partners.

Check out my networking one-pager below and feel free to repurpose it for your use.

Clarity. Conciseness. Confidence.

We all know this. We’re hoping to trigger an idea for an introduction and plant the seeds of what to listen for that will connect the dots and result in an introduction. Sometimes it seems to be harder than it should be.

The goal – your networking partners hear your trigger statements and say to a client or colleague “I know someone that can help you with that.” And an introduction or referral occurs.

It helps to be very clear on:

  • Your Ideal Clients
    • Not “everybody and anybody”. Your business may be able to help everyone or all businesses, but in order to trigger a need, you want to narrow down and be more specific. And, not everyone or any business makes for a great customer or client.
  • Your Strategic Partners
    • Who works with your Ideal Clients before, during and after you would? These are your strategic partners.
  • Your Targets
    • Develop your “strategic hit list”. Do a little research on the ProVisors HUB and create a list of the “need to meet” people in your targeted area, region or nationally.
  • Always have an N/D/W
    • Leverage Needs/Deals/Wants by asking to meet specific people on your list and explain what they do and why they are relevant. Speak in every meeting. If you have nothing else to say or ask for, announce that you found my Unofficial List of Unofficial Affinity Groups that might be helpful which can be found at or contact me directly.
  • Leverage Affinity Groups (official and unofficial)
    • Be in more of the “right rooms” with your Ideal Clients or Strategic Partners. Use the keyword search for affinity groups to see the official affinity groups available.
  • Track and Follow up
    • Use your CRM (customer relationship management) software to track your introductions, testimonials and follow up. If you are currently tracking this on a spreadsheet or your day planner, you are not meeting enough people!

Learn more about Ideal Clients, Messaging, Networking, tracking tools and more marketing strategy stuff through:

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TOOLS – Spotlight

Need to prepare your 10 minute Spotlight presentation?

You have the opportunity to present what you do and who you are to your Home Group. If your Home Group doesn’t offer Spotlights, ask if you can. They are very effective.

Some groups provide a 2 minute Spotlight, and other groups allow 10 minutes. Here are some tips to consider and feel free to download the PDF of my recent 10 minute Spotlight you can reference to build your own.

The keys to an effective and impactful spotlight are:

  • Be crystal clear who your best customers/clients are, and are not.
  • You are not sharing how you do what you do, focus on the challenges, issues, complaints they should listen for and impact you have on those pain points, and the value/results you create.
  • Focus on how you are different than others that do what you do. Not through the how you do it, but the impact you have.
  • Follow an outline that focuses on the right information
  • Keep it high level, plain English
  • Show your personality
  • Use visuals to replace or enhance your words
  • Share who you are personally and professionally
  • Practice – how you deliver your talk is so important. Know that you can do it in 10 min. Don’t read the slides, speak to the slides.

Download my Spotlight Presentation below (PDF format) and create your version to deliver your key messages.


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