I never imagined this level of revenue growth and clarity regarding my marketing strategy. The numbers tell the story.

Founder/CEO, Data Consulting Firm

What was happening before working with Susan Gold Coaching?

“I was in very early stage, going through the birth canal as a company. I had filed as a company but I didn’t know what my company was really going to offer initially – I didn’t have a fully formed product. I was doing my own market research through my networking and thought I could help small businesses.”

Why did we work together?

“I worked with Susan on a joint client and I experienced how she would guide me to focus on the client needs and deliver data solutions in a way the company would benefit. I wanted to work with her on my strategic direction, establish my core offering, identify my target market and the right Go to Market approach.”

What did Susan uncover?

“ Susan worked with me to understand the true potential of my consulting services. While networking others would ask me what I do, I was unclear. And, I wasn’t speaking to the right size companies – I needed to go up market to align their need and the solutions I provided. I can help really small companies, but I was capable of solving more complex issues. Susan helped me identify my ideal client targets and how to qualify out prospects that were going to likely kill my margin. She helped me be more efficient in my messaging, attract and close bigger deals, and think of my business in a bigger context. I understood my value, finally. Now I have larger clients that pay for my value without hesitation and getting feedback that I ‘blew their minds’ with the impact I’m having on my clients. I see even more potential for scaling up for growth and Susan is a key strategic partner to make that happen.”

What was the effect on the numbers?

“The numbers tell the story. As a start up I’ve seen 200% growth per year over 3 years. It’s amazing growth and my monthly revenue is now hitting high 5 figures. Susan is directly responsible for these results – my success is based on better decision making because of her strategic direction.”