Now I’m attracting my Dream Clients and getting paid for my value.

Owner, Operations Consulting Company

What was happening before working with Susan Gold Coaching?

“I didn’t have a clear path forward for my operations consulting business. I was creating projects with my networking contacts but it wasn’t efficient and their budgets were too small, or non-existant.”

Why did we work together?

“I met Susan through a number of networking groups. I was clear on what she offered and I wanted to leverage Susan’s process to narrow down my targeted Ideal Client types and how to find them. My networking was giving me the same results: small clients with tiny budgets – and I wasn’t having the right conversations with prospects. On top of all that, I had no interest or time to deal with social media or the other typical, expected marketing activities – I needed practical marketing solutions that worked for me.”

What did Susan uncover?

Susan worked with me to understand the path that led me to projects that went sideways and how to identify “bad fit” prospects. Knowing who I don’t want to work with helped me become clear on my ideal clients. With her guidance, I was able to position myself as a trusted resource for clients that needed to completely outsource their process and operations issues. Because Susan brought her deep experience in business as well as sales and marketing, she helped me move forward faster, learn from my mistakes and supported me through a real roller coaster ride. Not only did I learn to create the right messages that connected with my target, I was able to productize my services. I’m networking in the right rooms and have built strategic partnerships that have introduced me to amazing clients and my consulting work is beyond my wildest dreams!”

What was the effect on the numbers?

I’ve seen my hourly rate double and my revenues have increased exponentially. The comprehensive custom reporting revenue is bringing in 7X what I initially charged less than a year ago. My Clients are now annual engagements with monthly deliverables, not a simple project done in a few weeks. I’m thrilled with my income, my clients and my potential for further growth.”