Strategic Marketing Services

Susan Gold Coaching offers a wide range of marketing strategy coaching and consulting services tailored to the client’s needs. We can determine the best approach during a free, no-pressure consultation focused on the issues that need to be resolved and opportunities to be considered and leveraged.

Marketing Strategy Coaching
Unleash Your Ideal Clients

Marketing has become more confusing as it becomes over-specialized and tactically focused. Understanding what a company should do (and not do) to attract the right prospects is dependent on their targeted Ideal Client Types. That drives the need to identify potential targets that are profitable and a good fit for the business. This can be a challenge when a business considers “anybody and everybody” as customers – the result is generic marketing and messaging that doesn’t connect or engage. Applying our Ideal Client Methodology™, we use a data-driven process to identify the best Ideal Targets for the company. Once we know the WHO we want to target and develop WHAT we need to say to engage the decision-maker, we then focus on WHERE we need to be in order to be heard. Sounds simple, right? The concepts are straightforward, but the execution is not so easy!

Susan Gold Coaching offers a variety of options for Marketing Strategy Coaching for:

Business Owners

Strategy starts at the top. Working with the business owner or partners in a private, ZOOM setting, we progress through six one-hour sessions to build an actionable strategy. We discuss resources that are needed to execute the plan and establish general budgets to implement.

Leadership Teams

Creating strategy as a leadership team ensures contribution and buy-in from the start. In 6-12 working sessions (depending on the size of the team), we collaborate to develop the strategic foundation for success. For clients that don’t have internal or established external marketing resources, we align new resources and high-level budgets for implementation of the Marketing Execution Action Plan.

On-Going Strategy Support

The strategy work we do together results in a Marketing Execution Roadmap and detailed Action Plan. Ensuring the business development and promotional efforts stay on strategy, ongoing work sessions are available as the plan is implemented, weekly, monthly, or quarterly, depending on client preference.

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Business owners often define their ideal clients as profitable, respectful, loyal, willing to provide references and true partners.

— Susan Gold, Founder, Susan Gold Coaching

Marketing Consulting

For businesses that need more in-depth strategic work, often triggered by growth opportunities or challenges they face, a custom approach for a strategic path forward is available. Areas of focus may include:

  • Leveraging research and data work to identify, size, and locate markets with a high propensity for purchase that are aligned well for growth and expansion.
  • Making sense of the almost endless flood of metrics and stats that result from multi-channel traditional and digital campaigns. We work to help you understand how to pull together all the reporting, identify the critical numbers and understand their meaning, and critically, guide to a clear view of the true ROI on your marketing investments.
  • Alignment of sales and marketing through understanding how the decision maker buys and the information needs they have, when they want to digest it. Marketing often creates a machine that isn’t aligned with the buyer or the sales team.

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Networking Strategy for Executives

For many Business-to-Business (B2B) companies, networking is the primary growth and lead-generation channel. For most professionals, networking can be painful and time-consuming, resulting in frustration, wasted energy, and expense. It’s not enough to just “show up”.  Having a strategy to align the right activities, be in the “right room” and have a “strategic ASK” to get the critical introductions are critical steps to get the results you seek and have a clear ROI on that networking effort. Programs for individuals and teams are available.

Client Success

Now I’m attracting my Dream Clients and getting paid for my value.

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I never imagined this level of revenue growth and clarity regarding my marketing strategy. The numbers tell the story.

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